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4D Ultrasound Pictures -
See Your Unborn Baby As Never Before With The Latest Hi-Tech 4D Ultrasound Pictures

Forget grainy black and white ultrasound images, 4D ultrasound pictures will show your baby in colour, in three dimensions, and even show it moving.

Mr Aldrich is a popular Consultant Obstetrician and expert in Fetal Medicine with over 10 years experience in nuchal translucency scanning. He is registered and accredited by the Fetal Medicine Foundation in London and has undergone specialist training in major teaching centres in London, Toronto and Oxford.

Following the recent introduction of 4D scanning, in his clinics in Northampton, he is now able to make this service available.

3D Ultrasound; Clearly Better
Conventional 2 dimensional ultrasounds can only show an image from a particular angle, so the whole fetus (foetus) was never visible at one time. 3D baby ultrasound images are created using echoes, which bounce harmlessly off the baby. The results are then digitally reconstructed to produce an astonishingly life-like image of the whole fetus.

4D Ultrasound: The Complete Picture
4D ultrasound adds the fourth dimension of time, so you can actually see your baby moving. You can see it blink, yawn, or wiggle its fingers at you from mid-pregnancy onwards. The images also help your Obstetrician assess the development of the fetus in the womb, as it is now easier to see the face, fingers, toes, etc, and even identify potential problems such as cleft palettes.

When Should I Have A 4D Scan?
4D scanning allows you to see your baby´s development. At about 12 weeks, you can see the baby moving its arms and legs, and by week 22, you can distinguish facial features. Your 4D scan can be transferred to DVD for a permanent record, or something to show the proud grandparents-to be, wherever they are in the world!

4D Scanning For Better Bonding
Research suggests that mothers who have seen their babies by 4D ultrasound bond better with their child earlier than mother show have only seen 2D scans.

Does A 4D Scan Replace Regular Hospital Scans?
No it does not replace the hospital scans that are part of your antenatal care. However, unlike other clinics that offer this service, as Mr Aldrich is an accredited Consultant Obstetrician and expert in Fetal and Maternal Medicine he is able to use this new technique to perform more detailed studies on your baby, which include looking for abnormalities that present themselves later on in pregnancy.

Is Ultrasound Safe?
Pregnancy ultrasound scanning has been extensively studied both in the UK and worldwide, and these studies have shown that it does not affect the baby. There does not appear to be any high risk from ultrasound, and 3D or 4D screening employs the same ultrasound type and intensity as 2D images. Indeed, in 3D or 4D ultrasound, due to the computer modelling process, the fetus is exposed to less ultrasound than when a 2D image is produced.

Who Has The 3D And 4D Scans?
Ultrasound pictures have become the must-have memory of pregnancy and are commonly bought as gifts from the expectant grandparents or uncles and aunts.

For full details, please contact Northampton Antenatal Screening Services on 01604 842293

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