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See our full question and answer section. If you need answers to any other questions, please contact Mr Aldrich today.

How Do I Pay? -
Paying for Private Gynaecology Care

With all the advantages of a private gynaecologist, it´s well worth paying for a level of gynaecology care you just cannot receive from the NHS. Remember private gynaecological and obstetric care ensures:
  • A high level of personal service
  • Flexible appointment times
  • No waiting lists for consultations
  • Rapid investigations and treatments; again, no waiting lists
  • A better environment for consultations, surgery and recovery
  • Access to Mr Aldrich at all times
  • The highest medical standards
  • Years of experience and surgical expertise
Am I Covered By My Private Health Care Policy?
Gynaecological care would usually be covered by private health insurance but check with your provider. For Obstetrics, generally speaking, private health insurance does not cover pregnancy, but there are often financial benefits after your baby is born.

Am I Covered By My Medical Insurance?
Again, it depends on your policy. A Gynaecologist´s treatment is normally covered. If your insurance company have approved the procedure required, simply inform Mr Aldrich before the treatment begins. He will then send his invoice direct to the company concerned, letting you relax and recover.

Fees and Rates
All fees and charges will be fully explained and detailed to you in advance. Some gynaecological procedures, such as a well woman checkup, have fixed rates, others depend on the procedure involved. Obstetric care pregnancy packages also have fixed rates.

Payment Options
After your treatment is completed, Mr Aldrich will invoice you or your medical insurance company direct. If you are paying yourself, you may pay by UK cheque, or direct bank transfer, the choice is yours. Flexible payment arrangements may also be available − just ring for details.

For full details, please contact Mr Aldrich´s private secretary on 07595 188 816

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