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Private Pregnancy Care -
The World Of Obstetrics And Gynaecology

Every mother-to-be want the best for their baby, and private pregnancy care offers complete peace of mind that every aspect of your baby´s development is monitored. Based at one of the country´s leading obstetric and gynaecology departments, Mr Aldrich is ideally placed to offer the highest quality of private pregnancy care.

Private Pregnancy Care: With You the Whole Nine Months
From the first confirmation of pregnancy, you can relax with a care package that covers all the crucial aspects of your pregnancy, including:
  • Early pregnancy screening
  • Accurate dating
  • Checks on any symptoms such as bleeding
  • Pregnancy viability checks
  • Nuchal Translucency screening
  • Detailed growth monitoring
  • Cervical length screening and other scans
  • Antenatal visits
  • Delivery!
What Level of Care Is Offered?
From full care to delivery only, obstetric ultrasound scans to consultation only, Mr Aldrich offers a range of options to suit your and your pregnancy needs including the latest hi-tech 4D moving image ultrasounds.

Private Pregnancy Care − Option 1: Scan Special
If you are happy with the service provided by the NHS, but prefer your scans to be done privately, the Scan Special package is for you. Mr Aldrich has access to some of the best scanning equipment in the UK, so you know your results will be the best available − and interpreted by an expert obstetrician.

Private Pregnancy Care − Option 2: Silver
The Silver care service offers you obstetric care during your pregnancy, including all appointments, scans and delivery. But from later on in your pregnancy, at around the 20 week scan point and, since you have joined the care scheme later, fewer consultations are required and the price is lower.

Private Pregnancy Care − Option 3: Gold
The Gold care service gives you full obstetric care during your pregnancy, including all appointments, scans and delivery.

Whereas a normal pregnancy involves monthly visits until 28 weeks, fortnightly visits from 28-36 weeks and weekly visits until delivery, your Gold Care begins as soon as you find out you are pregnant and contact Mr Aldrich and continues even after birth to check that you have the best care at this vital time in your life.

Private Pregnancy Care - Bespoke
You can tailor your pregnancy care to whatever you require; here are a few options:
  • Delivery only: antenatal care provided by the NHS, with private delivery by Mr Aldrich
  • Consultations only: private consultation sessions throughout your pregnancy
  • Late Entry: opting for a package of care late in your pregnancy

For full details, please contact Northampton Antenatal Screening Service on 01604 842293

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