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See our full question and answer section. If you need answers to any other questions, please contact Mr Aldrich today.

Gynaecological Surgical Procedures -
Vaginal Hysterectomy And Other Gynaecological Surgical Procedures

Should your condition require surgery, such as a vaginal hysterectomy, you are in safe hands with Mr Aldrich. As a surgeon with many years experience, Mr Aldrich is a firm believer in minimal access surgery. Modern surgical techniques also ensure that operation times are kept to a minimum.

Investigative Procedures
If you are experiencing pelvic pain, Mr Aldrich may suggest laparoscopic surgery. A small flexible telescope is inserted through a tiny cut just below the navel, allowing the surgeon to examine the pelvic region and organs in detail.

Surgery may also be done at this stage, if required. After rest and recuperation in your private room you will soon be back on your feet.

Pelvic Screening
Ultrasound screening is a quick, painless and non-intrusive method of examining the pelvis and pelvic area. Mr Aldrich has had many years experience in gynaecological and pelvic ultrasound scans, which can be used to check for ovarian cysts, gynaecological cancers, and fibroids.

Prolapse - Banish That Discomfort
Prolapse, both uterine and vaginal, is an uncomfortable condition that can be transformed by surgery. Mr Aldrich has extensive experience in prolapse repair, and can advise you on the surgery, recovery times, physiotherapy requirements and all aspects of this procedure.

Indeed, Mr Aldrich is happy to discuss any surgical procedure in detail with patients, so they are fully informed both of immense the benefits and possible small side-effects.

Incontinence - Accurate Diagnosis, Effective Cures
The embarrassment, inconvenience and stress felt by many with incontinence can severely affect their social and working lives. Mr Aldrich can advice on all aspects of incontinence and incontinence surgery.

No More Heavy, Painful Periods
Heavy periods can severely affect your way of life − and you know that every month, they´ll be back! Mr Aldrich can advise on various treatments for this painful condition, including the fitting of a Mirena coil.

Other procedures
Mr Aldrich can advise on and carry out a variety of other procedures, including:
  • vaginal discharge and infections
  • female soreness
  • fibroids and ovarian cysts
  • endometriosis
  • incontinence and bladder problems
  • colposcopy and treatment of cervical abnormalities
  • pelvic inflammatory disease
  • painful intercourse
  • menopausal symptoms
  • abnormal bleeding

To ask questions or discuss any concerns, simply make an appointment to see Mr Aldrich by calling The BMI Three Shires on 01604 885003 or his private secretary on 07595 188 816

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