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You Deserve The Ultimate Care From A Popular Consultant Gynaecologist - You Only Have One Body

Mr Clive Aldrich is based at the BMI Three Shires and the Northampton General Hospital and patients are referred from all of the surrounding areas to gain from both Mr Aldrich's expertise and his renowned caring manner. It is no wonder that many of his gynaecology clinic patients are recommended to him by their friends and family.

Advantages of a Private Gynaecologist

Most women visit a general gynaecologist for one good reason − they have concerns about some aspect of their gynaecological health.

Such visits can seem rather intimidating, but a private gynaecologist can offer a level of personal service and expertise that is not available to...

Pregnancy Care   

2D ultrasound
2D ultrasound
3D ultrasound
3D ultrasound
4D ultrasound
4D ultrasound
Ultrasound scanning has advanced in leaps and bounds from 2D to 3D and now, the ultimate in unique memories, 4D moving pictures
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